Penampakan jasad pelaku bom bunuh diri | Foto : Mona
CENTRALBATAM.CO.ID, BINTAN–The Chief Police of Bintan, Adjunct police commissioner (AKBP) Febrianto Guntur Sunoto aware the entrepreneurs in Lagoi bay tighten oversight of each hotel visitor.
This said bay Guntur delivered in connection with the re-emergence of suicide bombings carried out by terrorists on yard of Police Station, Solo 5th July 2016 morning.
“We asked to the businesses to tighten security for every visitor to ensure that there’s not terrorist network that entering Bintan,” said Guntur.
Guntur explained, a terrorist act that occurred this morning in Solo remind all parties need to be alarmed. So everyone needs strict supervision and cooperation of all parties, including Bintan Resort Lagoi bay.
“We have also coordinated to the Port of Management of Bandar Bentan Telani (BBT) in order to tighten controls. And in the area we have also put brigade members to help them (BBT) to supervise any visitors, “he explained.
In addition it also said he had coordinated to the police intelligent in order to conduct monitoring on any port of rats. This work is done in order to prevent the entry of acts terror in Bintan that destabilizing security. 
Writer : Setianus Zai
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