Traffic Unit tim process the crime scene

CENTRALBATAM.CO.ID, BINTAN –Traffic Dir Riau Islands Police presented a TAA (Traffic Accident Analysis) tool to make simulations before and after an accident on Jalan Wisata Bahari Km 30 Kawal on Thursday (08/8) yesterday afternoon.

Federal of the crime scene (TKP) event were carried out, after the traffic accident that killed two victims, Dewi and Haris.

During the crime scene, the Riau Islands Police Dirlantas team placed the TAA at 6 different points not far from the scene.

The drivers passing by at the scene of the crime scene were temporarily stopped on two sides.

The police immediately described in the field by placing TAA right at the scene and is another point.

Subdir Gakkum Traffic Dir Riau Islands Police AKBP Tolopan Simanjuntak explained, this sophisticated tool will create a system consisting of animated videos before, during events and events.

“In the crime scene that we did using TAA earlier, there were 6 points that we took. For the results later tonight can be obtained,” he said.

He also explained, that was the TAA tool

This is used because detail gives a picture of the event and then with a precise image. Meanwhile, the vehicle speed is also reflected in the TAA.

With the results of the digital workmanship by the TAA tool, the investigator gets an assessment to be matched with the witnesses’ testimony.

“So this TAA tool really helps investigators in resolving cases. Because the results with a system error rate of 0 percent,” he explained. He also mentioned, in the traffic accident incident in Bintan District, TAA tools have been used 4 times to resolve accidents in the last few years.

“Yes, since we used this tool, until now it is still in accordance with the statements of witnesses,” he said.

At the same location, Unit of traffic Police of Bintan AKP Cut Putri Amelia Sari added, so far her side had continued to ask for information from the dumb truck driver regarding the traffic incident that killed two victims yesterday afternoon.

The name of the truck driver is Ridwan and is currently still being held at the Gunung Kijang Police Station. Meanwhile, the two victims who died are Dewi and Haris.

“So until now we are still trying to find other witnesses who did see the incident,” he said.

Cut also explained that the two victims who died, according to him, breathed his last in Ahmad Thabib General Hospital Km 8 Tanjungpinang.

From the doctor’s statement due to bleeding in the head and a torn wound in the groin. The victim died after Isha after the incident, “he said.

With the incident of traffic accident which killed two victims, Cut appealed to the whole community to be careful when driving.

In addition, if an accident is seen, it is hoped that the public will pay more attention to the condition of the victim than to record and neutralize the accident.

Because, the death of two accident victims in Kawal allegedly because they were slow to get help.

“So because of that we hope that if there is an accident right in front of my eyes, I ask residents to immediately do help rather than record and neutralize the incident. Because it involves human lives, and indeed victims really need help,” lid.