Bupati Bintan Apri Sujadi

CENTRALBATAM.CO.ID, BINTAN–Momentum of the Ramadan fasting in 17th , Bintan Regent and Vice Regent, Apri and Dalmasri continue conducting routine Safari Ramadan Iftar to the community at Masjid Al Falah Village Mantang Lama and in the village of the District Dendun Mantang on Wednesday 22nd.

These visits were accompanied by members Head of the Regional Leadership Forum (FKPD) Bintan, Bintan. They are regional secretary, Ka SKPD, expert staff Bintan, Bintan Chairman of the Parliament, Head Distric of Mantang and communities throughout the district where attended these ties.

Furthermore, the Government of Bintan Regency also on the occasion of this glorious donate zakat on his own personally Apri Sujadi for village residents Mantang Lama, village Dendum of each of 20 people.

Operational assistance for the purposes of the mosque Al Falah Village Mantang Lama and Masjid Quba village Dendun respectively of Rp5 million came from Riau bank Community Social Responsibility (CSR), and assistance 50 packages of daily needs to the poor family.

In his speech, Apri said,  a good synergy during the month of Ramadan moments through the relationship can continue to provide the same thinking in charge of development.

“Let us all equally supports the election of a new village head in order to create a harmonious relationship and conducive,” said Apri.

He expects that the younger generation can pass on the baton of the quality of human resources, and then let Enliven and prosperous mosques that have been built during the leadership of Ansar Ahmad for being our responsibility, ” lid.


Writer : Setianus Zai