CENTRALBATAM.CO.ID, BINTAN-60 foreign investors from China, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam visit Lagoi Plaza at Bintan Resorts, Teluk Bintan.

The visit of the investors of the four countries to see and search for potential property of Bintan that deserves to be developed as a new venture for them.

“They were amazed by the world-views owned by Bintan Resorts. Potential is what will they preach to their home country to attract more investors for what they want to invest here, “said the Head of Tourism and Culture (Dusparbud) Bintan, Luki Zaiman Prawira.

It is said Luki, all investors recognize if the potential of the most superior in Bintan is the tourism sector than others. Because in addition to the natural feel of naturally available, both on land and sea, habitats and ecosystems of fauna and flora is always awake.

Even Bintan has clean white sand and sparkling natural surrounding the entire beach. While all 60 Investor promised to promote the natural beauty that is owned Bintan.

“Bintan is amazing, and we promise to promote for our business partnership, “said one among the investors.

Writer : Setianus Zai



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