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CENTRALBATAM.CO.ID, JAKARTA-Towards Idul Fitri, the flow of traffic throughout Indonesia began teeming traffic. Some large cities even reported being totally stuck on the road caused many people return to their home (pemudik).

As reported in Comal, Pemalang toward Pekalongan, Central  of Java, extremely jammed. In addition to by increased number of vehicles, congestion worsened with many pemudik rides undisciplined.

“Congestion occurs because besides disorderly travelers, many of them park their vehicles parks carelessly, even in gas stations,” (net).

Even claimed he spends up to 24 hours to get to his home in Comal.

“Usually just six hours,” (net).

The local police, Baratha said, many motorists are disorderly and making teeming difficult to disentangle. In Bulakamba, motorists choose to break through the opposite lane even though the police had closed the u-turn.

“Especially in Brebes, they always contra flow, the driver open the lid of a u-turn and opposing directions. At Tegal, too much contra flow rider,” lid.

Therefore, he hoped that the rider can obey traffic signs. So that congestion on the highway can be controlled.


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