Police Station after the suicide boom.

CENTRALBATAM.CO.ID, MEDAN – After the suicide bombing at the police Headquarters in the capital city of Medan, Indonesia, an allegation emerged as revenge for the death of the Caliph ISIS, Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi.

This was revealed by former terrorist Khairul Ghazali in others word Abu Ahmad Yasin published by six hours after the suicide boom explodes. He said, the bomber, Rabial is one of JAD’s member.

“The bomb in Medan’s Polrestabes (Police office) was related to the death of Al Baghdadi, the ISIS leader, they revenge against what was considered the closest enemy (police),” Khairul said via text message to on Wednesday (13/11/2019).

Meanwhile, police have hasn’t revealed the network related to Rabial (bomber). However, Khairul believes that Rabial was involved in an illegal network in Indonesia, that called Jamaah Ansharut Daullah (JAD).

“According to information, the bomber is a member of JAD who are related ti ISIS. In the future the bomb will continue and the target is police, especially the battlefield groups including large networks,” he said. (*)