Mayor of Tanjung Pinang's City/ Ist

CENTRALBATAM.CO.ID, BINTAN –The Mayor of Tanjung Pinang’s city province Kepri, Indonesia, H Syhrul again reported in critical condition. In a few days after this media reported he was suspected by covid-19, the issue denied directly by local government and make another issue that Mayor has cure from normal disease.

Meanwhile, according to the local media, suarasiber the Mayor come back to the local hospital with critical situation.

It says, Nikolas Panama, a member of the Covid-19 Riau Islands Task Force Spokesperson confirmed this information.

“The information was came from Mr. Tjetjep (The Head of local Health Department), said Nika as wrote by suarasiber.

Niko also confirmed that Mayor has now installed with a ventilator.

Before, reported Syahrul, was rushed to the isolation room in Raja Ahmad Tabib Hospital on Saturday (10/4/2020) morning.

Three hospital medical staff received a complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), welcoming him to the hospital.

Unlike someone who’s seriously get sick, Syahrul brought into the emergency department or ICU (intensive care unit). After getting down from the ambulance, Syahrul was immediately rushed to the isolation room with a gurney. (Ndn)